The quality improvement of agricultural machines and production systems

Supervisor: doc. Ing. Peter Čičo, CSc.

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The research was focused on the quality improvement of agricultural machine tools which are usually made of the high-grade carbon steel. They were exposed to higher abrasive wear in the operating conditions and therefore they got to the very quick wear. Renovation led to the multiple protracted technical life by support of new technologies and new filler materials. Solution reflected on the new procedures and applications for the functional surfaces of working tools what with reduced wear multiplicatively. Effect of soil on the character and intensity of wear of the tool cutting edges was examined. These results are also useful for the modelling of material and technological impacts. Machining of the functional surfaces was processed only by grinding for reasons of high hardness and structural material composition. Therefore the modern trends of machining were verified within usage of the new cutting materials. The optimum cutting conditions and cutting environment were determined to achieve required quality. Operational and environmental parameters were changed by the wear of the piston group of diesel engine. Measuring equipment for the pressure recording in the working area of engine was designed and practically verified by the dynamic method. A program for recording all measured data of the dynamic processes, their archiving and their current or back evaluating was developed. Database of measured values is able to calculate and graphically evaluate the work consumption due to wear. Introduction of the statistical regulation, preparation of all requirements on documentation of the production process leads to the continuous quality improvement and reliability of manufactured products according to the standards Quality Management System. Requirements ISO 9001.
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Department:Department of Quality and Engineering Technologies (TF)
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01. 01. 2009
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31. 12. 2011
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