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Analysis of heat and moisture transport in biological materials (95/03180)20022004VEGAV. VozárováKF TF
Application of advanced physical methods for study of agri-materials properties (SK-PL-2015-0037)20162016Bilateral cooperationV. VozárováKF TF
Application of Food Materials Physical Properties at the Food Quatity Assessment (1/0829/09)20092011VEGAV. VozárováKF TF
Biological materials physical properties and physical methods application for some quality indicators assessment in agriculture (1/0732/13)20132016VEGAZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Biomaterials Physical Properties and Physical Methods Application for Specific Quality Indicators Assessment of Agricultural Materials (1/0854/14)20142016VEGAZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Creation of university textbook Machines and Technologies for Waste Treatment in educational multimeial platform (023SPU-4/2018)20182020KEGAR. GálikKZSBT TF
Development of the experimental methods and devices for ZVVP in Nitra (A-08-124-827-03)19861990štátne programy výskumu a vývojaĽ. KubíkKF TF
Development of the methods for evaluation of agriculture technology and materials from point of view technical and ecological requirements (VEGA 1066/94)19941996VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Development of the methods for the evaluation of the agricultural material properties and their interactions with the technical instruments (VEGA 1/4406/97)19971999VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Development of the osmotic drying chambers for vegetables and fruits (114-451-00627/2005)20052005Bilateral cooperationĽ. KubíkKF TF
Development of the osmotic drying chambers for vegetables and fruits (114-451-01404/2006)20062006Bilateral cooperationĽ. KubíkKF TF
Experimental Methods for Moisture Cotent and Basic Parameters of Biological Materials Determination (SK-CZ-0121-11)20122013Bilateral cooperationZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Fostering Internationalization in Agricultural Engineering in Iran and Russia (585596-EPP-1-2017-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)20172020Erasmus+ KA2 Budovanie kapacít v oblasti vyššieho vzdelávaniaJ. RédlKKS TF
Fruits and Vegetables Osmotic Drier Development (114-451-00565/2007)20072007Bilateral cooperationĽ. KubíkKF TF
Fruits and Vegetables Osmotic Dryer Development (114-451-00565/2010)20092010Medzinárodná vedecko-technická spoluprácaZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Measurement and the simulation of the influence ot the physical properties on the biological material (GA SPU I-98)19982000UPĽ. KubíkKF TF
Multimedial textbook of physics for engineers (017SPU-4/2017)20172019KEGAM. BožikováKF TF
Physical identification and development of universal terturometer (VEGA)20192021VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Physical Properties of Bio-materials as Quality Characteristics20172017VEGAZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Physical properties of the agricultural biological materials (VEGA 1/7695/20 )20002002VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Physical properties utilisation at the quality of biomaterials assessment20182018VEGAZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Podpora obsahovej integrácie a internacionalizácie fyzikálneho vzdelávania študijnou literatúrou pre nové technicky zamerané študijné programy20162018KEGAM. BožikováKF TF
Quality and reliability of the agricultural technology (VEGA 1/7684/20)20002002VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Quality of the Poultry Eggs Evaluation during Their Storage (SK-CZ-2013-0113)20142015Bilateral cooperationZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Quatity parameters of biomaterials (VEGA 1/0803/20)20202022VEGAZ. HlaváčováKF TF
Support of content integration and internalization of physical education for new technically oriented study programmes by study literature (031SPU-4/2016)20152018KEGAM. BožikováKF TF
Systems of decreasing of energetic factor intensity and technology in agriculture (M - 3)19911993VEGAĽ. KubíkKF TF
Thermal analysis selected components of sorted waste20172019GA SPUD. KunecováKF TF
Towards Excellent Research of Farm Animals – Environment Interaction2020--Horizont 2020Š. MihinaKZSBT TF

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